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over the centuries and up until now people believe bahawa Mandailing Namora Pande Bosi is an ancestor of the people surnamed Mandailing Lubis.

According to legend, Namora Pande Bosi (Daeng Mela) is derived from the Bugis in South Sulawesi. In his wandering he reached a place called Sigalangan Mandailing Natal (Expansion of the district. South Tapanuli). (In tarombo Lubis clan composed by Lord King in 1897, there was also noted that the wife's name is Boru Namora Pande Dalimunte Naparila Bosi, meaning the shy daughter of Dalimnte). Daeng Mela which later was called Na Mora Pande Bosi is a hero. At the time of Malacca fell to the Portuguese, Daeng Mela back, and wanted to go back to Bugis pass unrecognized. But he had to travel overland for the salvation of his own. She began her journey from Labuan Ruku and got the New State, the same is known as a great port.

There Daeng Mela Hatongga report to the King, and told his cleverness as a blacksmith, as well as demonstrate how to make hoes, axes, plows, machetes, spears and all sorts again. The way work is not like ordinary people, who had burnt iron can be bent and thinned without tools, simply by using hands

Hatongga king was astonished, and amazed. Finally Daeng Mela is very well respected in the village, until the king bless the marriage with the King's sister, who was named Lenggana. In accordance with customary Tapanuli, then Daeng Mela given the Lubis clan. Daeng Mela is now renamed the Na Mora Bosi Pande Lubis. As a dowry, Na Mora Bosi Pande Lubis gave only three strands woven farmers. Thus the human being is a family in Lobu Hatongga with a piece of land, and housing which the king They are quite happy after twin sons were born, namely Bugis Sultan, and Sultan Swinging.

Once when Na Mora Bosi Pande Lubis went hunting to a more distant than ever, in Hamaya Tonggi famous haunted. Up to six times he menyumpit bird, hit and fell to the ground, but never meet. Similarly, in penyumpit the seventh time to make him upset and angry. Suddenly there appeared a beautiful girl dialogue. Na Mora Bosi Pande Lubis was stunned to see her, she finally had her follow up to his residence, and the two became husband and wife.

Hatongga kingdom became a scene, the king ordered everyone to look for Na Mora Bosi Pande Lubis. Hit gong last magic (rung) Na Mora Iron Pande Lubis realized, and he returned home to his wife with a dagger is sheathed again.

In bunian country's second wife. Na Mora Pande Lubis Bosi given birth to twins named Si and Si Baetang Langkitang. As he grew, the boys are going to find his father in accordance with the instructions of his mother, and it turns out their dreams come true. Na Mora Bosi family Pande receives a second child as a member of the family, just like her siblings.
Lubis clan
Once when a fight broke out between the Si Langkitang Bugis Sultan, thanks to scramble uncle's daughter, who eventually won by Si Langkitang. Because they fought each other, then the mother defends son, Selia told the boys that go. Both children were gone, and they arrived at Singengu.

Singengu is a high mountain areas when looked at from its peak, it still looks Lobu Hatongga. There with a loud voice to the families vowed Langkitang Na Mora Pande Lubis in Lobu Hatongga Bosi would extinct. All descendants of Si and Si Baitang Langkitang that spreads across the land Mandailing and in other places are recognized as persons surnamed Mandailing Lubis.
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