Brain Cancer Treatment

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The brain is one organ that is importantin life, because thebrain itself we are able to think and understand everything  not yet  we understand, is why we desperately need brains. let usimagine that we have if brain does not workoptimally? not then we can live like a person whohas a perfect senseof course,

Broadly speaking, the brain is divided into three parts, namely a large brain (cerebrum), cerebellum (cerebellum), and brain stem(brain stem). Each part is divided into partssmaller, smaller, and smaller.
So the brain has many parts that have differentfunctions, so the brain can run everything at the same time.

SoBrain Cancer Treatment ?

Pengobatan untuk tumor otak harus individual. Ini harus didasarkan pada usia, kesehatan umum, dan ukuran, lokasi, dan jenis tumor anda.

Treatment for brain tumor should be individualized. It should be based on your age, general health, and the size, location, and type of your tumor.

You and your loved ones will have many questions about cancer, the treatment, side effects, and the long-term outlook. Your health care team is the best source of this information. Don't hesitate to ask.

Treatment for brain cancer depends on the age and overall health of the patient, the stage of the disease, the type and location of the tumor, and whether the cancer is a primary tumor or brain metastases. The treatment plan is developed by the oncology team and the patient.

Treatment involves any combination of surgery, radiation therapy (including radiosurgery), and chemotherapy. Some tumors require several different surgical procedures, and some can be treated with radiation alone.
Surgery to Treat Brain Cancer

Surgery is the treatment of choice for accessible primary brain tumors, when the patient is in good health. The goal of surgery is to remove as much of the tumor as possible without damaging nearby normal brain tissue. The prognosis improves when more than 90% of a tumor can be removed. 
Removal is often complicated by the nature of the tumor (e.g., invasive, highly vascularized) and by its location. Partial removal (debulking) of the tumor can improve quality of life by alleviating symptoms and sometimes improve the effectiveness of radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Before surgery, some important tests are performed. Patients over the age of 40 usually undergo an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) and a chest x-ray. Other tests are used to detect the presence of uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, active coronary ischemia, or the presence of circulating anticoagulant (substance that inhibits normal blood clotting) in the blood. If any of these conditions are present, it may not be advisable to undergo craniotomy.

The goal of craniotomy is to remove as much of the tumor as possible. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and involves opening the skull (cranium).

Radiation Therapy for Brain Cancer
Radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy) is the use of high-energy rays to kills tumor cells, thereby stopping them from growing and multiplying.

    * Radiation therapy may be used for people who cannot undergo surgery. In other cases, it is used after surgery to kill any tumor calls that may remain.
    * Radiation therapy is a local therapy. This means that it affects only cells in its path. It does not harm cells elsewhere in the body or even elsewhere in the brain.

Radiation can be given in either of two ways.

    a. External radiation uses a high-energy beam of radiation targeted at the tumor. The beam travels through the skin, the skull, healthy brain tissue, and other tissues to get to the tumor. The treatments are usually given five days a week for certain amount of time. Each treatment takes only a few minutes.
    b. Internal or implant radiation uses a tiny radioactive capsule that is placed inside the tumor itself. The radiation emitted from the capsule destroys the tumor. The radioactivity of the capsule decreases a little bit each day; the amount of radioactivity of the capsule is carefully calculated to run out when the optimal dose has been given. You need to stay in the hospital for several days while receiving this treatment.
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