Prevent irritation of the Eyes for Computer Users

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Prevent irritation of the Eyes for Computer UsersPrevent irritation of the Eyes . If you include people working in front of a computer all day, surely you will be exposed to radiation emitted by the monitor so your eyes to feel sore.
Many experts created a computer equipment with environmentally friendly in order to maintain eye health.
Even so, still, if we are too long in front of computers can affect health. One's eyes become tired, back pain, shoulder and neck. Therefore, check out some of these tips:

1. Work in the room with enough light.
Notice the light in your room, if you use the room too bright will

blinding the eye.

2. Use a monitor with filter.

To reduce eye glare and radiation emitted by the monitor,
 use the monitor glass filter.

3.  look your monitor.

Check your monitor is very important. Before you using preferably check first
monitor you want to use, if it still works well or not. Then
compared with other monitors. If the image blurry and flickering should
should not be used.

4. Put your paperwork in order is easy to read.

If you have to type or copy a file that is in the paper, should be put
paper work within a balanced with your monitor.

5. Use the Font size is quite large.

If you have to type or edit the text in front of the computer, you should use
font size is large enough so that your eyes are not tired to see it.

6. Rest your eyes.

If you have to work in a long time at the computer, we recommend
Relax your eyes for 30 minutes. With so may reduce the tension
in your eyes and keep eyes moist.

7. Examine your glasses or contact lenses.

If you use glasses or contact lenses, it is better to consult your
optometrist or optical, so you can get glasses that fit and tasty
used to work at the computer.Prevent irritation of the Eyes for Computer Users
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