Symptoms and Treatment of Thyroid Cancer

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Causes and symptoms-Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer can occur in all age groups. People who have had radiation therapy to the neck are at higher risk. Radiation therapy was commonly used in the 1950s to treat enlarged thymus glands, adenoids and tonsils, and skin disorders. People who received radiation therapy as children are at increased risk for developing thyroid cancer.Other risk factors are a family history of thyroid cancer and chronic goiter.

The exact cause of thyroid cancer is not known; but it is more common in whites than in African Americans. Radiation was used in the 1950s and 1960s to treat acne and to reduce swelling in infections of the tonsils, adenoids and lymph nodes. It has been proven that this exposure is a risk factor for thyroid cancer. In some areas of the world, diets are low in iodine. Papillary and follicular cancers occur more frequently in these areas. Iodine deficiency is not a large problem in the United States because iodine is added to table salt and other foods. Approximately 7% of thyroid cancer are caused by the alteration (mutation) of a gene called the RET gene, which can be inherited.

 Symptoms are rare so the lump is not usually painful. The symptoms of thyroid nodules are :
  • a chunk or nodule that can be felt in the pet is the most regular clue of thyroid cancer
  • the lymph nodes may be expanded and the melody may metamorphose cacophonous because the tumor presses on the nerves superior to the expression box
  • some patients experience a tight or full feeling in the neck and have difficulty breathing or swallowing 
  •  Enlargement of the thyroid gland
  •  Cough

Treatment of  Thyroid Cancer

Treatment depends on the type of thyroid cancer. Surgery is most often done. The entire thyroid gland is usually removed.If the mountebank suspects that the sign has spreading to lymph nodes in the cervix, these leave also be separate during surgery.

Hormone therapy uses hormones after surgery to stop this growth and the formation of new cancerous thyroid cells. To prevent cancerous growth, the natural hormones that are produced by the thyroid are taken in the form of pills. Thus, their levels remain normal and inhibit the pituitary gland from making TSH. If the cancer has spread to other parts of the body and surgery is not possible, hormone treatment is aimed at killing or slowing the growth of cancer cells throughout the body.

Radiation therapy may be performed using external beam (x-ray) radiation or by taking radioactive iodine by mouth. It may be done with or without surgery.

After treatment, you need to take thyroid hormone to replace what your glands used to make. The dose is usually a little higher than what your body needs, which helps keep the cancer from coming back. 

If the cancer does not respond to surgery or radiation and has spread to other parts of the body, chemotherapy may be used, but this is only
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