4 Food Cause Cancer

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Are there foods that can cause cancer, there is never the answer but just speculation. 4 Includes the following foods that can trigger cancer

Food Triggers Cancer. 

1. Sate.
This definition is about how to cook. Improper cooking can trigger cancer. When we burn the meat (satay) on fire with Suu high, it will form a compound or Heterocyclic Amines HCA.
HCA is the reaction of the animal protein during the cooking process and free radicals that can trigger cancer alleged.
How to safely consume meat once cooked, steamed, boiled slowly so as not to produce HCA.
2. Tea Bags.
It's not tea, but the tea bag wrappers are usually made of materials that contain chlorine. Chlorine is a chemical commonly used in the paper industry as a bleach and disinfectant paper. Well, chlorine contained in tea bag wrappers dissolved and a large amount, it is likely to cause cancer.
How safe is by dipping
a tea bag no more than 3 minutes later retrieved from the glass. 

3. Preserved foods.
Allegedly, sodium nitrate will be present in all foods that contain preservatives that act to form a kind of component N-Nitroso carcinogens.
4. Or artificial sweetener aspartame. Aspartame is a low-calorie sweetener used as a sugar substitute for diabetics, as a sweetener in many packaged foods.
How to safely choose only artificial sweetener that has been disapprove by the government.
How to Prevent Cancer.
In addition to careful about the food that will be consumed (selective), it is best to:
1. Keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
2. Avoid bad habits such as smoking and alcohol.
3. Do not consume too much food berpengawet.
4. Consuming green vegetables.
5. Eating fruits that contain lots of vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin C and E.
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