Dangers of Excessive Sleep Will Suffer

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The ideal night's sleep duration according to new research from the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index is 7-9 hours. The study involved 2,000 people in Australia proved, duration provide the best quality of life. .
Dangers of Excessive Sleep Will Suffer
Sleep less than 7 hours, as revealed in a study they had done before, it can have a negative impact on health. In addition to triggering the risk of disease, in this study proved to be a lack of sleep also makes people easily agitated. .
Dangers of Excessive Sleep Will Suffer
However, this study also proves, people who sleep at night over 10 hours of no happier than people who sleep less. Sleeping too long according to the study also makes the level of life satisfaction is lower than if the duration of sleep is ideal. .

"Sleep is closely related to the overall quality of life," said Professor Robert Cummins, head of the Australian Centre on Quality of Life at Deakin University who led the study Darui News.com.au quoted on Monday (10/09/2012). .
Dangers of Excessive Sleep Will Suffer
The focus of this study is actually a problem that occurs when a person's sleep needs are not being met, either because of lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep. Such a vicious cycle, lack of sleep made ​​restless and anxiety that makes people increasingly can not sleep. .

But scientists involved in the study warned that sleeping too long is also concern. Finally sleep can also be an indicator of depressive symptoms and sleep apnea or stop breathing during sleep, which is known to reduce the quality of sleep.
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