Detecting Twin Pregnancy

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Detection of Multiple Pregnancies. The definition of a twin pregnancy is a pregnancy that is in the womb of pregnant women have a number of fetuses more than one, could be two, three, or more. That more or less is the notion of multiple pregnancies. Those who have a history of twin offspring (mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc.) will usually give birth to twins anyway. However, twin pregnancies can also occur in women who use fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation induced, women with a history of frequent childbirth, mothers who just stop taking the contraceptive pill, to women who undergo IVF fertilization techniques.
Detecting Twin Pregnancy
Detecting Twin PregnancyTypically, multiple pregnancy easily detected. Through ultrasound, at the age of eight weeks of pregnancy will be detected two or more fetal heart rate. Furthermore, physical examination the fetus will become clear from the second trimester.

In addition to knowing a twin pregnancy by means of ultrasound, can also be done in the following way:

  1. Generally, pregnant belly looked bigger than normal size with age pregnancy. Sizes are not usually start to look normal when gestational age entered the second trimester. Try to compare it with previous pregnancies or with other expectant mothers about the size of your pregnancy. If larger, it could be a sign that the fetus in the womb twins.
  2. Touch your stomach gently, looking for a big part rather prominent. In a single pregnancy will be felt two major parts, namely the head and buttocks. Meanwhile, in a twin pregnancy, will be felt three or more major parts. Will be felt one buttock and two heads, one buttock and two heads, two heads of the two buttocks, and so on. Minimal be palpated three major parts.Detecting Twin Pregnancy
  3. Login four months of gestation, the fetus usually can move. According to the study, the normal movement of the fetus about 10 times in 12 hours. If more than that, up to two times, for example, could indicate a twin fetus.
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