Detection Sprue Children -Canker Sores

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Detection Sprue Children -Canker SoresCanker sores in children ,  Is your baby joy suddenly disappeared, refusing to eat and drink milk, body heat up ,
It may be early signs of thrush. In order thrush is not prolonged, be sure to give your child foods that are rich in vitamins and fiber and avoid foods that are too hot or too cold.
Thrush is a small ulcer diameter of about 3 mm with a cream base. The emergence repeated on the tongue, lips, inner cheek (mucosa) and throat. The number of canker sores remains, not enlarged, dilated or spread like boils.

Identify Types of Thrush

There are several types of ulcers that occur in children.

1. Sprue for Trauma (Apthosa stomatitis).

A bite wound or injury due to improper tooth brush friction thus injure the mouth and blisters.

Selection of a toothbrush and clean your teeth the right way will reduce the potential for injury.

2. Type Oral Thrush (Moniliasis).
It was caused by candida thrush albican fungal growth on the tongue.

3. Herpes stomatitis.

Thrush can be found at the back of the throat caused by herpes simplex virus.
Ulcers often disturbing cheerfulness toddlers are manifold and Apthosa Herpetic Stomatitis Stomatitis.

Recognize the symptoms. 

To prevent thrush, the symptoms must be recognized. 

Early signs of canker sores is easily recognizable :

  • The tongue becomes somewhat slippery.

  • Reddish colored tongue.

  • Injuries incurred at the bottom and the edge or center of the tongue.

  • In the inner cheek look white spots.

  • The benjolah rise in inner cheek to rest so that made my mouth hurt.

The wounds in the mouth can be caused by several things,

  • Since bitten on the lips or tongue due to irregular arrangement of teeth.

  • As a result of brushing too hard or bristle brush that has been expanded.

  • Also be caused by allergies to certain foods, such as peppers and pineapple.

  • Psychological factors.

  • Lack of vitamin B, vitamin C and iron.

Other symptoms of Canker Sores can be seen clearly is :

  • High fever up to 40 º Celsius.

  • Liru urinating out more than usual.

  • The smell of bad breath feels dreadful.

  • You are a little nervous and a little cranky.

Do not eat and do not drink milk or milk bottles. Inspection can be done manually by using the tongue spatel tool and if not possible, could use a small spoon.Press the tongue with this tool, grip slightly lower to the oral cavity in sight.

How to Treat.

Providing a balanced diet in food intake of children is very important. Rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C, B12 and iron food. In addition, parents should avoid giving food or drink that is too hot or too cold.
Detection Sprue Children -Canker Sores
Had to bribe the child with a spoon in the food slowly. The company provides drinking through a straw wear glasses to avoid direct contact with wounds that do not cause friction and trauma.
Detection Sprue Children -Canker Sores
Then select the softer texture of the food and liquids easy to swallow. Rubbing the affected ulcer with honey.
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