Handling When Kids Fever

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Handling When Kids Fever-Sick the child certainly stirred the heart and bring panic Besides trying to give fever-lowering drugs, also sometimes referred him to the hospital and even to the ER.
Handling When Kids Fever
Panic and worry it's okay, but it would seem to be more good again to recognize the child's body temperature first before any further action.
A good understanding of febrile children, will be able to provide proper penaganan when the child has a fever later in life later. Not only that, early treatment should be done before taking him to the doctor would be better.
Handling When Kids Fever
Here are some suggestions for parents facing child fever
  1. Do not panic , Generally not harm your baby.
  2. Conscientious behavior. When the temperature low and still capable of doing akti like playing, carefree, so parents do not need to worry.
  3. When a child reaches a fever over 40 degrees Celsius, then give fever medication, compress with warm water and get medical attention dati nearest your home.
  4. When the child's body temperature less than 38.3 degrees Celsius, do not need to be fever-lowering drugs. Give him enough minum.Namun when the temperature is over 38.3 degrees Celsius, give fever-reducing medications and warm compresses.
  5. Apply a warm compress or warm water all over her hot body, usually warm compresses can reduce your child's temperature within 30-45 minutes.
  6. Plug Ac wind if necessary. So that the room was not stuffy or hot
  7. Put the clothes were thin in children.
  8. Try not less liquid by giving extra fluids such as water, soup, fresh fruit juices.
  9. Let the kids eat the food you want, but avoid high fat foods.
  10. Do not give fever medication when the fever is not high. Physicians should consult the nearest doctor atu
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