Efforts of the Cancer Prevention and Treatment of Mental

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General cancer prevention

Prevention of cancer is a common way of reducing exposure to carcinogenic materials, Such as not smoking, avoiding foods high in fat, high-fiber foods as vegetables and fruits Such, Akif physical life, striving for the ideal body weight, and live a healthy pattern. Prevention can also be done by screening or screening of the possibility of getting cancer. Cancer screening tests was to determine the possibility of cancer can That Reduced the number of Deaths due to cancer if the cancer is found at a very early stage, where the cancer has not spread further, the cancer usually can be treated and Provide optimal results.
Mental Therapy

Some Things to do in terms of mental therapy for Patients with cancer are:

  •     Manage stress
  •     Aware of the stress
  •     Moral support in Cancer Patients
  •     Stay active and have fun
  •     Empathize (mamahami mental burden experienced by cancer Patients to support recovery)
  •     Optimistic in the conduct of life
  •     Dispose of revenge and hatred
  •     Prayer therapy (hello closer to God)
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