Nursing Standard.

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Nursing Standard . Nursing is a form of professional services that are an integral part of health care, based on the knowledge and tips, in the form of service bio-psycho-socio-spiritual comprehensive, targeted at individuals, families, and society, both sick and healthy life that includes humans. Thus the understanding of nursing according to the National workshop in 1983.
While the intent of the standard is a descriptive statement outlining the job performance can be measured through the quality of the structure, processes and outcomes (Gillies, 1989, p 121). While the definition of standards of nursing care is a revelation of the desired quality and can be assessed from the delivery of nursing care to patients. These standards will provide guidance where performance is not appropriate or acceptable. So that is the standard definition of nursing care. 
We who work as nurses who were involved as executor in the field of course the work that became a reference in the assessment of the work is viewed and measured from the implementation of nursing care. While the approach in providing nursing care is of course carried out through the nursing process, a nurse who carried out activities systematically through the five stages that we know is, which includes assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, action or implementation, evaluation of nursing.standards of nursing care, Nursing Blog 
The purpose of this nursing care standards used to determine the processes and outcomes of nursing care provided in an effort to reach nursing services. Through a standard practice to know whether any intervention or nursing actions that have been granted in accordance with the plan and whether the client can 
achieve the expected goals.

Point importance of the implementation of the standards of nursing practice is in order to improve care or nursing services or activities by focusing on business process services to meet the criteria  of the expected service. Standards of nursing care would be useful and helpful for the nurses themselves, where health services (hospitals, health centers, etc.), for the patient, the nursing profession and other health personnel.Uses and benefits of nursing care standards such as:
  1.     For Nurses. For a nurse to nursing practice standards will be used as a guide in terms of guiding the nurse in determining nursing actions to be performed teradap patients and also protection from negligence in performing nursing actions to guide nurses in making appropriate nursing actions and it is also true. 
  2.  For the Hospital. With the use of standards of nursing practice is certainly going to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of nursing services as well and this will effect the reduction in length of hospital patients.
  3. For Patients. With proper care it takes a long time then the cost of treatment and care of patients and their families who bear will become lighter.
  4. For the profession. This standard is used as a planning tool to achieve the targets and as benchmarks to evaluate performance, which is used as a standard controller.
  5. For Other Health Workers. can be used to determine the limits of authority with other professions so that they can respect each other and work together well in carrying out the work according to their profession and enhance the service of course.

In Indonesia legally established Nursing Care Standards (IFRSs) as well as applied and enforced in all hospitals in the country is Indonesia with Decree No. Directorate of Medical Services. 00:03 .2.6.7637 YM 1993 on the enactment of SAK in the hospital. And hopefully with the article on Standards of nursing care can be useful and can also often provide benefits
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