Eye Pain Medications or red eyes

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Eye Pain Medications or Red Eyes - The cause:
  •  Lack of vitamin A
  • Fatigue look at TV, computer, video
  • Read books, newspapers, air pollution, climate change, lack of bathing and hot-panasan
Eye Pain Medications or red eyes- The cure:
A. Betel leaf rollers wear hand-milled, and then poured boiling hot water - allow to cool. Then taken, washed or dripped into the eyes
2. Jawer leaves Kotok, dipepes-and when it is cold water drops on the eye
3. Seserehan tree (the jungle), slash and teteskanlah water into the eye
4. Carrots, dipurut and drink ½ cup water and eye drops
5. Eat raw carrots all the time
6. Eat vegetables (Vegetarian)
7. Eat fruits that contain vitamin A-C
not to do :
Do not watch much TV, reading and reading
Do not be a lot of sleepless nights
Do not eat dried fish
Do not eat spicy, sour and vinegar

 so many natural remedies derived from traditional Chinese medicine treatment and india

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