Starfruit for Drugs

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Starfruit for Drugs 2013Starfruit (avverhoa bilimbi) is a native American plant that thrives in the blood that gets a lot of direct sunlight but enough air humidity.
Starfruit with the chemicals in them (calcium oxalate, sulfur, formic acid etc ...) any efficacious for the treatment of illnesses, such as:
  1. Bleeding gums
    Regular consumption of fresh starfruit or it could be already made sweets
  2. pimple
    For external treatment. 3 Wash the fresh starfruit, in the grate and give a little salt. Stick it had grated on acne prone skin. Apply 2 times a day
  3. High Blood
    Prepare 3 pieces starfruit
    Sriganding beans 25 grams, wash and then mashed until smooth
    Cook 4 cups of water, add seeds starfruit and sriganding.
    Let cool, then strain the herb
    Drink one glass a dayStarfruit for Drugs
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