Women Prone to Cancer

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Women who are obese have a risk of endometrial cancer four times greater. If your weight is not fair, maybe you should go on a diet to avoid the disease.
Women Prone to Cancer
Why obese women have a higher risk of various diseases, including cancer? The reason is, because there are too many bad fats in the body. Fat that accumulates in the body will impede the flow of blood in the vessels, forming a kind of spots on the walls of blood vessels that would affect your blood system.
WoWomen Prone to Cancermen Prone to Cancer
Increased risk of other diseases, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, as well as various types of cancer would be so terrible. A recent study at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston found that leptin, a hormone associated with weight gain, increased proliferation of normal and cancerous breast cells, as reported by FoxNews.
Women Prone to Cancer
To prevent that, you need a diet or weight loss in a healthy manner. Consult with your doctor to get the right dietary advice, according to the condition of your body.
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