Boils in Children

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Boils in ChildrenBoils are usually very bad to look at. They are filled with pus, which will be disposed of with blood when the abscess to mature. As a parent, you are advised to be careful when out pus. Highly infectious pus that must be cleaned time to time so you better avoid contact with the skin is not affected.

 Type of Ulcer 

Ulcers can also be caused by blocked oil glands, which then infected. Ulcers This is called 'acne cyst', usually occurs in young skin.

Unlike boils called 'hidradenitis suppurativa', caused by local inflammation of the sweat glands. Usually boils that occur more than one, located in the armpit or groin.

And the last is boils called 'pilonidal cyst', usually occurs in the folds of the buttocks. Initially just a hair follicle infection, then added with irritation of the pressure from sitting too long, usually when traveling long, it is formed ulcers.

How to Eliminate Boils in Children 

Generally, the recipe for developing an abscess in children is Naseptin called antibiotics. The drug is taken in limited doses that do not cause negative side effects. Antibiotics should be fed 4 times a day up to 10 days.

You should be more careful when bathing the baby, to keep your children from germs. Avoid using bath up, it is better to use the bathroom or running water. Suggested uses for Cholrhexidine clean. Although you are given medication to clear the baby's head received from a doctor, you are advised to keep using Cholrhexidine for 14 days.
Boils in Children
Using their own towels for the baby and replace it every day. Even better, each family member must use a separate towel set to limit the spread of bacteria that infect the skin and cause ulcers.
Boils in Children
Have the baby to not try to solve it boils with fingernails. Because if that happens, ulcers will become infected and when to get out of the pus and blood of our children, there will be blood poisoning.

To avoid further infection, wash the infected area with antibacterial soap better every pus out. You can also cover the boil with a poultice (bandage) is good.
Boils in Children
You can create a menu of good food to eat the baby. Include vegetables that contain lots of fiber to avoid constipation and provide fresh juice every morning for detoxsifikasi body. Avoid foods that contain lots of oil and make sure the eye angel drinking water each day. This will help in the process to get rid of toxic substances contained in the body of your baby

About a compress with hot water 3-4 minutes every day to alleviate pain in the ulcers. Bath with Epsom salts are also effective for removing boils on the baby or the baby. You can use a sterile cotton swab and warm it in hot water before it is put on the surface of the ulcer, which takes approximately 20 minutes to stretch.
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