Treating Depression

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Treating Depression
Depression is a condition that more than a sad state, when the condition of depression a person to cause the disruption of their daily social activities then it is called as a disorder Depression. Some of the symptoms of depression disorder is the feeling of sadness, excessive tiredness after activity a regular routine, lost interest and enthusiasm, lazy move, and disruption of sleep patterns.Depression is one of the main causes of suicide.

The cause of a condition of depression include:

  1. Organobiologis factor due to the imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain, especially serotonin
  2. Psychological factors as pressure psychological burden, the impact of the learning behavior of a social situation
  3. socio-environmental factors such as loss of a spouse, loss of employment, post-disaster, the impact of situations of daily life
Treating Depression
The depression of each person is different, and not either prolonged mourning. To treat depression is supposed to involve family members to listen to the grievances experienced by a depressed person.
Treating Depression
Bantu also with stories or experiences to support Patients for the better. Do not always opposed to the harsh, must be Discussed with the good.
Treating Depression
If your family members are not Able to handle and the condition gets worse, should periodically visit a psychiatrist to do psychotherapy and medication if Necessary coupled with outside.

so hopefully writing suggestions or helpful to you. good luck
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