Difficult Child Eating Causes

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Causes of Difficult Kids Eat For some families who still have children who are in preschool or elementary school that met lest course there kids fussy eaters. There are several causes of the child has a hard / difficult to eat. On this occasion we try to share a little bit about why the child hard difficult to eat?

In general, this kind of problem child eating often starts observed in children under five years of age. In addition there is also the problem is also the problem of constipation in children. Many things that cause kids fussy eaters. Due to the child, when the meal was not only nourishment but also a challenging time, curiosity, practicing, learning, and so on. Especially if it is still in the stage of introduction of new foods. Because in addition to a child that is difficult to eat, children who love to eat to arise obesity in children is also sometimes encountered in our society.

Here is the cause of the reasons kids hard and difficult to eat such as:

  1. Children eating snacks that contain lots of calories before eating. Foods that contain lots of calories are usually sugary foods such as candy, soft drinks, chocolate, snack areas MSG. Due to the sweet taste and calorie content of a lot of these then the child was already full so that when eating, the portion would not be eating much.
  2. Kids are bored in the menu and the presentation of food. At the present time it seems the kids are getting smarter in choosing foods that she likes. In contrast to the time when we are small, do not eat a lot of stuff and we are also accustomed to eating. If now many children who quickly get bored with the food menu served up by his mother. So this should be encouraging women to make more creative in the diet so as to avoid the tedium of children coming to the food menu.
  3. Drinking too much milk. By changing the time so there are many families consider milk as a food or beverage can replace the special main meals like rice, vegetables, and side dishes.Parents who think this will generally have little patience with the process of feeding toddlers who tend to long and usually interspersed with play. Instead, children will be given milk that would have a faster process because just drunk and in liquid form. And after one year old child, particularly in the presence of infant formula daily menu is not mandatory. Milk in this case only to meet the needs of calcium and phosphorus alone, while calcium and phosphorus can be found easily on the type of fish, fisheries, vegetables, and fruits which is more easily digested.
  4. The influence of parental habits. A child who grows and develops in a family environment that lazy to eat because of diet, will potentially develop eating too lazy behavior to their children. Improper eating behavior that is the habit of the other parents to buy high-calorie snacks (candy, soft drinks, chocolate) to soothe a fussy child. This can result, children feel full faster and will eventually be lazy to eat.

Similarly, some of the causes of child companions had difficulty eating and that we as parents can give children tips for easy meals. Because the main meal and eat nutritious foods will greatly help the development of children with good as well as to increase the intelligence of children and also maintain the health of our own children. Because eating enough for a child can also prevent the occurrence of anemia in children

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