Exercise Can Increase Libido

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Sports or other physical activities can help you out of trouble and decreased libido. Sport is also an alternative if you do not want to consume drugs libido enhancer.

Here are three physical activity that you can do to increase your libido

Decreased libido not only occur in men, women can also feel the same. So Kegel exercises may be your answer. Kegel exercises can make muscle contractions that can strengthen the muscles around the pelvis and can increase your libido.

exercise routine
Regular exercise can improve your health in general. Moreover, it also can improve your sexual health. University of California noted, people who exercise regularly tend to be sexually active and are able to enjoy sex better than people who never exercise regularly. You can choose light exercise such as brisk walking or jogging, but done regularly every week. Regular exercise such as this can increase your endurance during sexual intercourse.

Practicing yoga helps your body become more flexible and improve blood flow. Yoga positions exercise the pelvis and groin, as well as several other positions that help increase blood flow to your pelvic area. In order not to get bored, you can try to practice yoga with your partner.

strength training
Weightlifting, abs building exercises, and other limb strengthening exercises can make you feel more powerful. Light weight training routine can make you avoid the leg cramps that sometimes appears when you have sex. Sit-ups and push-ups can also help improve your strength and libido.
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