Expel Sense Not Comfortable in Stomach

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Bloating, nausea and cramps, do not rush to take medication. It can relieve discomfort in the stomach with a more natural and can make your own at home.

 Here is a natural way to relieve the discomfort in the abdomen, as reported besthealthmag on Monday (09.10.12) include:

  1. Treatment of spasms in the abdomen
    Some types of spices are commonly used as cooking ingredients such as fennel and cumin seeds contain oil that can soothe stomach cramps and relieve nausea. Chew fennel or cumin few minutes and spit, repeat three times a day.
  2. Soothe stomach pains
    To relieve heartburn in the stomach, overwhelmed by boiling ginger and licorice. Then add a teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers, pour in a cup and drink hot.

    A blend of ginger, licorice and chamomile known to be useful for people who often suffer from bloating and heartburn. Efficacy of ginger itself can issue a wind in the stomach, preventing swelling and cramps due to excessive heartburn.
  3. Nausea due to motion sickness
    Taking drugs against diseases of the movement in a pharmacy can make you drowsy and dangerous journey. Overcome nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness drinking water boiled with leaves of lemon, honey and peppermint.
    Add boiling water into the thermos of lemon to be taken during the course and can be taken to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness. In addition to drinking lemon water, it can also relieve seasickness chewing ginger or taking candy ginger.

  4. Overcome hiccups
    Drug used to treat hiccups you can not get to the pharmacy, you can treat to suck a teaspoon of sugar or cocoa powder. Hiccups disappears by itself after the powdered sugar or cocoa is sold out.
  5. Relieves diarrhea
    Diarrhea will put you at risk of dehydration if not treated immediately, so you need to treat drinking raspberry leaf decoction blackberi or dry to prevent dehydration and relieve diarrhea.

They also reduce the body fluids and lead to dehydration, diarrhea also deplete the body of electrolytes that may be harmful to the body. Drink a saline solution mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice or lime juice to restore the body's electrolytes.
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