Towards Childbirth Preparation

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Towards Childbirth PreparationTowards Childbirth Preparation. Labor or labor is the end of the pregnancy or pregnancy for a mother who has been through the process of pregnancy for about 9 months. And for the first time a father will get the experience of being a father, then in preparation to prepare for childbirth or birth is a stressful experience. There are several things that must be done in preparation for the birth.

Many things need to be prepared to welcome the birth of the baby, especially when the presence of children is desirable and coveted. Preparation before the birth that is quite a lot from it in the form of physical preparation, mental, as well as the needs of the mother during and after delivery, and the one thing that should not be overlooked in the context of preparation for birth is in terms of funding for the cost of labor and so on.

Certainly in terms of preparing for labor and birth is not in the near future in the days approaching the end of the delivery process. However, if the preparation is done away day delivery of course the expected result of the baby's parents will be better again. If everything they had prepared well from the beginning, of course, for pregnant women themselves will give peace in terms of psychological and comfortable in dealing with birth preparation and delivery.

Here are some things to do in preparation before delivery both in terms of physical health or mental support in terms of:

  1. For pregnant women who are undergoing preparation for labor is to be able to consume foods that contain lots of vitamins and nutrients that are required both for the health of pregnant women themselves or for the health of the fetus. Course of preparation in terms of health and nutrition is carried out from the beginning in the womb. Not only when they undergo the process of preparation for the birth only. Also avoid foods that will potentially give health problems for both the mother and the fetus. Among pregnant women to avoid are alcohol, foods made with preservatives, as well as foods that contain mercury.
  2. Pregnant women keep in shape by doing some mild exercise. Sports activities are in order to maintain health and fitness as well for the mother. Mild moderate exercise for pregnant women among which pregnancy exercise, walking in the morning in the afternoon or about our home environment as well as a mild relaxation. For safer and good it would be better if it is prior consultation with a gynecologist about the various kinds of light exercise for pregnant women and also recommended for pregnant women.
  3. On entering the third trimester of pregnancy or who have passed 7 months, should some sports mentioned earlier terminated. Unless and reflection. Role is walking and gymnastics instead is to undergo a pregnant woman, because basically the movement of the pregnancy exercise is to help facilitate the birth process itself. Just as in the set position, adjust the breath, as well as pushing the right way. It was some of the benefits of pregnancy exercise.
  4. Psychological preparation is the most essential thing for a mother to give birth. Especially at a young mother who will give birth to her first child. Mental preparation is also an important factor in preparing for childbirth including spousal support. In this case, the husband asked assist in labor / birth of her child. Maternal psychological preparation is an important part and parcel of preparation for labor.
  5. In terms of psychological preparation as well then convince themselves to pregnant women of course that will take place during the delivery process, the delivery process will be handled by people who have actually competent in their fields as well handled by health workers either midwife or obstetrician and content that is professional in their profession. By convincing yourself it is for pregnant women to make mental confidence increases and pregnant women will be growing stronger.
  6. One thing that should not be forgotten in terms of preparation for labor and delivery, and in any case certainly is to pray so that the labor process can run smoothly and for pregnant women and children birth to the healthy state is no less of a right. Healthy and free of defects and the like.

So had a little friend on the preparation before delivery and hopefully with that we know will be a variety of preparations before the birth will provide benefits and useful for us all.
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