Brain cancer Signs and Symptoms

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Brain cancer Signs-The human brain can be affected by tumors and cancer. There are some symptoms and characteristics of the disease. But just like any other cancer the exact cause is unknown, but Clearly not contagious. So no need to fear if infected. What is certain if exposed should immediately go to the hospital and consult a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and adequate treatment.
Brain cancer Signs and Symptoms-News All Cancer Signs 
brain cancerThen what about the signs of the disease, whether it can be detected early, let us refer to
Early signs of brain cancer are headaches to strokes. As we know the brain has several different sections roomates also control different functions, so that the characteristics of this cancer can vary Widely Depending on the occurrence of which. Brain tumors are frightening mimic other neurological disorders, and many common symptoms can indicate other medical conditions. So it is very difficult if we detect early
Brain cancer Signs and Symptoms
Headaches may be said is the most common symptom of brain cancer, most people who Suffer from it may also not have a tumor. However, some types of headaches are very worrying. Persistent headache associated with nausea or vomiting, or a headache accompanied by blurred vision, severe headaches that growing niche to worsen in the morning,, weakness, or numbness (numbness), could possibly lead to cancer

Brain cancer symptoms can include, among others:

  1. a seizure (new) in adults
  2. blurred vision, especially if it is associated with headache
  3. hearing loss with or without dizziness
  4. Gradually lose the ability to speak
  5. loss of movement or sensation in the arm or leg is Gradually
  6. Easily swayed / loss of balance, especially if it is associated with headache
  7. loss of vision in one or both eyes, especially that are more peripheral.
Brain cancer Signs and Symptoms

Other signs that may be, may include nausea or vomiting that worsens in the morning, memory loss (dementia), confusion and disorientation, etc. ..

The best way to know if our brain cancer is to do a scan (MRI, CT scan or PET scan). Of course this can only be done in hospitals that have such facilities

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