Stomach Cancer Causes Update 2013

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gastric cancer usually occurs in older men acls, at upper forty-five years. gastric cancer is found in the `state` countries such as japan, to implementation and chile. in the united states hotels limited only initials cancer patients in poor and orangutan orangutan among black leather.

Causes Of Stomach Cancer

proforma can be ensured. experts concluded there are some risk factors that can lead to gastric cancer diseases, among which are:

• likes to consume foods that contain high salinity, nitrate preservatives food yang, as well as consuming excessive coffee illustrations at number the stomach in, empty circumstances.
• smoking and drinking alcohol tnp also treatment may be factors of gastric cancer.
• food the processed or cooked half coked so bacteria lodged in the, yang materials still nil dishes proforma dead.
• heredity or family history.
• germs helicobecter pylori gastric wall that was the play is suspected to be the cause of gastric cancer. the initial germ produces toxins can damage cell walls unity on stomach.
• there is gastric polyps on. round-shaped polyps and usually benign. although initially benign polyps, but will continue to grow into, stomach cavity.

Stomach Cancer

Stomach Cancer Causes

Treatment Of Gastric Cancer

Treatment Cancer

Treatment Of Gastric Cancer

• stomach cancer can be cured. one is through surgery. most gastric lymph nodes and yang are nearby lifted. for stage stomach cancer mutation, the success of achieving healing eighty percent particular.
• chemotherapy and radiation
• the chinese herbal medicine therapy serves to strengthen the lymph glands, increase energy, strengthen the body's immune system, and as an antidote to poison.
• using the natural medicines anthill. ant nest has proven efficacy extraordinary to cure a variety of diseases, including gastric cancer. one sas which contained therein are flavonoids can act as antioxidants its ability to treat cancer.

Gastric Cancer Prevention


Gastric Cancer Prevention

to prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer, there are several things to consider, namely:

1. the food eating nutritious, containing lots of fiber and vitamins, such as vegetables and fruits fresh fruits.
2. avoid foods that contain a lot of preservatives materials
3. food avoid fast food and junk food
4. stopping smoking and drinking processing not alcoholic
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