Flu Diagnosis and Treatment

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News All Cancer Signs-Diagnosis is done by recognizing the patient's symptoms. "Usually the patient's symptoms will we know," he said. In addition, there are also checks discharge from the nose to the laboratory. The main treatment is to improve the general condition of the patient. "For patients who complain of headaches normally be given paracetamol," he continued. Rest is the best way to treat this disease. Because the patient's general condition improved to rest. Especially for those who want to work, it is advisable to temporarily stop your activity.
Flu Diagnosis and Treatment
In addition, multiply the consumption of water. If under normal conditions you consume 6 to 8 glasses a day then when cold then you should increase your water intake to 10 glasses. Water can wash away the virus from your body in a variety of forms such as sweat and urine. To overcome sore throat can also consume tablets antiseptic for his throat.
News All Cancer Signs-Flu Diagnosis and Treatment
Keep in mind, patients are expected not touch foods that contain sugar such as cakes, ice cream and other sweets. The content of sugar in the blood will lower your body's resistance to infection, it is recommended to consume fruits, juice or juice. Because drinks that contain lots of vitamins will speed up the body's recovery. "Most people recover within a week," he said.
Flu Diagnosis and Treatment
Equally important, the community needs to consider the composition of cold medicines that are considered components of the drug in accordance with flu symptoms are experienced. Drug selection should be appropriate and should not be mistaken. Cold medicine is usually a combination of several active substances. For example, a combination of analgesic / antipyretic plus nasal decongestant, analgesic / antipyretic plus nasal decongestant and anthistamin. The use of cold medicines are not intended for long term. If flu symptoms are not reduced or the more severe after taking cold medicine for three days should immediately consult a doctor or health care unit.Flu Treatment
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