What Flu Symptoms

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The weather was raining and dense activity while the body is not fit. Various factors that most commonly cause infections of the throat and nose which resulted in the emergence of flu symptoms such as nasal congestion, and the head feels dizzy.
Flu Symptoms
Flu or commonly known as piles can make a person's immune system will be weakened. But do not worry! You can use some simple ways to rejuvenate the body bias by effectively utilizing the time off.

What Flu Symptoms
Influenza viruses can all age groups. The highest infection rates among children age. While the mortality and severity of the disease occurred in those aged more than 65 years or patients with a particular disease to be susceptible to any infection.

Major Causes and Symptoms

Colds or influenza is often referred to as an acute viral infection of the respiratory tract. Occur in epidemics or pandemics. The infection is caused by several strains of influenza virus, the influenza virus A, B, and C. Incubation period lasts for 3-10 days. It is characterized by inflammation of the nasal mucosa, pharynx, and conjunctiva. Then, influenza accompanied by headache, muscle aches, sore throat, cough, fever, chills, and weakness.News All Cancer Signs
Flu Symptoms
The incubation period of the disease is about one to four days (an average of two days). In adults, the infection attack since the day before the onset of influenza symptoms until five days after the onset of disease. While children can spread the virus for more than ten days. Characteristic of the disease appears in the form of respiratory disorders such as sudden onset of high fever and nasal congestion. For some people who already have heart and lung disorders, influenza can lead to pneumonia disease secondary.

Flu is a disease that has symptoms stages of the throat, head, and chest. But the stage was not sequential. It could be your first hit in the head or throat. "In some cases, influenza is characterized by cold and accompanied by a high fever," he said. Also usually the patient will also feel the pain in the throat. All symptoms are also accompanied by headache, abdominal pain and hoarseness. "In some cases, influenza is also accompanied by coughing and vomiting," he said. Even for severe cases usually patients also have diarrhea.actual flu symptoms
 Flu Symptoms
Influenza viruses are constantly changing-fox, then you can do is treat the symptoms and prevent complications. Vitamin C is proven to accelerate the healing process. If fever accompanies the additional required unutuk food supply B vitamins for energy and metabolic processes calories. Improvements needed terhdap infection vitamin A and C and iron for the formation of antibodies that the body needs to strengthen the immune systemactual flu symptoms 2013
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