Signs of Start People Exposed Diabetes

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Most people sometimes do not realize that he has diabetes, especially type 2, but this disease can lead to various complications. For that to know what are the signs people start to get diabetes.
Signs of Start People Exposed Diabetes
"For the beginning is not no symptoms, the only weakness," says Dr. Dante Saksono Harbuwono, SpPD, PhD Metabolic Endocrine Division, Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine / RSCM detikHealth and written when contacted on Wednesday (08/29/2012).

Dr. Dante said even so there are a dominant classic symptoms are frequent urination or urinating (polyuria), thirst often (polidipdi) and increased appetite (polifagi) plus the weakness or lack of energy.

Here are the classic symptoms of diabetes are:

1. Frequent urination (polyuria)
Urinate frequently if it would be too much glucose in the blood. If insulin (a hormone that controls blood sugar) none or less then the kidneys can not filter glucose back to the blood. Then the kidneys will draw extra water from the blood to destroy glucose. This makes a full bladder and make someone pee frequently.
Signs of Start People Exposed Diabetes
2. Often feel thirsty (polidipdi)
Because of frequent urination, then people will become more frequent thirst. As well as the difficult process of destruction of glucose in the blood, the water sucked to destroy it, so someone needs to drink more to replace the water lost.

3. Increased appetite (polifagi) and less power
People who are diabetic insulin are problematic as a result of sugar into the body's cells are less which makes the formation of less energy. This condition makes the brain think the body less energy due to less food intake, causing hunger and feeling of wanting to keep eating.

There are also other symptoms are not specific, such as:
1. Frequent tingling
2. Itching do not know why
3. Whitish that does not heal
4. Myopic eyes
5. Erectile Dysfunction
Signs of Start People Exposed Diabetes
"Actually, these symptoms due to minor complications, such as eye contact is shortsighted because the blood vessels in the eye, because it is taxable nerve tingling, vaginal discharge due to reduced resistance in the vagina," says Dr. Dante who is also a lecturer at the faculty of medicine in the Division of Metabolic Endocrine.

Therefore if there is any of these symptoms are felt, you should immediately consult a doctor and do the inspection. This is because diabetes is known as the silent killer because it can cause complications in various parts of the body.

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