7 mark Positive Pregnant

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Pregnant or not? It's easy to know if you went to the doctor. But what you may need to be frequently to the doctor only to find out? Should identify the signs of pregnancy following before you decide to go to the doctor, as reported by the Health Me Up (05/01).
7 siginPositive Pregnant
1. Cramps
After a few days the first sign of pregnancy is cramping. These alerts occur when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall. Cramps can occur six to 12 days after the egg is fertilized. Cramps that feel Similar to menstrual cramps happens when, so do not be fooled. Sense cramps are harmless, but if you feel a burning sensation or odor, see your doctor immediately.
7 mark Positive Pregnant
2. Missed menstrual
It certainly is not women experienced menses. Usually if your period is regular, but this time it did not happen, chances are you are pregnant. Menstruation stops as your body begins to produce progesterone to protect the fetus. When the body starts to use progesterone, menstruation stops.

3. Breast Changes
When pregnant breasts will show some changes, especially if you are pregnant for the first time. Changes that occur can be seen from breast tenderness. Breasts also will look bigger, and nipple changes Becomes darker color.

4. Frequent Urination
More Frequent Urination and frequent awakening at night to urinate is a sign that you are pregnant.

5. Morning sick
This is the most popular symptoms experienced by pregnant women. This can happen even in a matter of days of pregnancy. Nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy Occurs that is influenced by hormones that slow down the digestive system. Stomach Became longer to process and gastric emptying. In effect, you will Often regurgitate food.

6. Changes in mood
Hormonal changes in pregnant women affects the mood. This makes women Become emotionally unstable. Even a mediocre drama can make a pregnant woman sobbed when his emotions were in turmoil.
7 sigin Positive Pregnant
7. Pregnancy tests
Although this is not a symptom or sign, but if you are not sure of the symptoms, pregnancy tests can help clarify everything. Test-simple pack Usually available at pharmacies and can be Easily obtained. You just need a urine sample and wait for results.
7 signs Positive Pregnant
The above signs could be a reference for you to know the signs of pregnancy should frequently visit the doctor. When pregnancy is certain, it's time to see a gynecologist.
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