Signs of Stroke in Women

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Many women who do not know the symptoms of stroke. In fact, twice as many women die from stroke, according to a study in New York City ...
Signs of Stroke in Women
Women have  hiccups was not a big deal, unless you are accompanied by a hiccup other strange symptoms, such as inability to move the entire side of your body or make your mouth form the words you want to say. You may not know that all these symptoms are signs of stroke in women.

More than 425,000 women will suffer a stroke this year, compared to 375,000 men. Twice as many women die each year from stroke than breast cancer. This is because there are many women who are not aware of the symptoms of stroke.

Reporting from everydayhealth, it is difficult to predict the signs of stroke in women or in men, says Carolyn Brockington, MD, assistant clinical professor of neurology and director of the Stroke Center at the Institute of St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery in New York City.
Signs of Stroke in Women
Stroke occurs when the blood supply cut off to the brain, either by a blood clot (ischemic stroke) or bleeding suddenly in the brain (hemorrhagic stroke). The symptoms are caused by a stroke will depend on where the stroke occurs in the brain.

"Stroke can cause symptoms that are completely different in every person," said Dr. Brockington. So, he added, "You can not just generalize and say that all people will experience weakness."

Most symptoms of a stroke are not grouped according to gender. However, women do not tend to think of stroke will happen to them. Because they think that stroke occurs only in men, the elderly, or the sick. The fact is that stroke can happen to anyone at any age.

Symptoms of Stroke in Women

Seizures sudden cardiac tibaSerangan tibaTanda signs of stroke in women can vary greatly. However, the most alarming, says Brockington, is when the symptoms of sudden and severe or unusual.

For example, headaches are common, but if you get a headache that hit and suddenly without any known cause. And, do not feel like other headaches you have ever experienced, it could be a warning sign of stroke.
Signs of Stroke in Women
Other symptoms include: pain that affects the limbs or face, feeling weak, or unable to move, only one side of the body to feel confused, unable to speak or communicate in clear, hiccup, feel dizzy and lose your balance, having difficulty walking, and problems with eyesight, including blurry vision or seeing double.

Stroke can also occur in conjunction with a heart attack, added Brockington, which can cause more symptoms. Symptoms that might indicate a heart attack and who also may be more unique to women are: feeling short of breath, nauseated, have the pressure or chest pain, rapid heartbeat or palpitations or irregular.
Signs of Stroke in Women
A lot of women do not know the symptoms of a stroke due to a lack of knowledge. Takeaway to be concerned about the symptoms that come with a sudden stroke, Brockington stressed.

"Better safe than sorry when you're dealing with the brain. Because, the brain has a remarkable ability to recover," he said, as long as the treatment is fast.

However, if the brain is deprived of blood flow for too long, "the lack of regeneration," he said. "It can not change the injury." (Sbh)
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